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Looking for a straightforward and user-friendly method to train employees and improve their skills? Is your workforce spread out across the country or around the globe? How do you ensure that your training methods are effective and consistent for each employee? Lastly, have you considered eLearning as a solution to meet your specific requirements?

Think about how you answered the questions above. Have you uncovered a real, tangible need? Schoox may just be the streamlined solution to your current employee training and professional development challenges.

Schoox isn’t your standard Learning Management System (LMS); it’s a comprehensive social learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration platform. With Schoox you don’t need to use and integrate endless applications, all you need is one. Over 300 LMS options exist in the eLearning space; see why Schoox is dramatically different from the rest of the pack and why it presents the most powerful solution for your critical training needs here.



A wide array of businesses have found success with Schoox, from popular quick-service restaurants to corporations. Schoox offers a highly intuitive, social, mobile interface designed especially for a Millennial workforce. It’s the most modern learning and knowledge management system available today.

With Schoox, you can create eLearning courses quickly and train your staff members, partners, or even customers completely online. And no matter how your organization is structured, you can set up custom-tailored access and assignment rules based on the criteria you choose.

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What Schoox Users Are Saying:

“Implementing Schoox into our organization was very easy and very fast. In just few hours, we had our academy up and running with all of our employees on it.” – Kinga Boguslawska

“It was when I found Schoox that I realized how simple this could be for me and how easy it could be for somebody else who also wants to use a platform and succeed.” – David Newton

“Schoox is more like Facebook. We can share materials across our global company and keep each other up-to-date.” – Natalie Wild

“It’s really awesome that I can check my progress, earn badges and get certificates and see how I’m doing in comparison to everyone else.” – Zechariah Giberson