Affordable eLearning Opportunities For Self-Starters!

Personalized & Affordable eLearning Opportunities For Self-Starters!

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily locate a diverse offering of wallet-friendly eLearning courses in one spot? Well, thanks to Schoox, your search is over!

What exactly is Schoox? Simply put, Schoox is an eLearning academy where independent learners can earn badges and certificates online in order to build a strong portfolio of qualifications. Training companies and traditional educational institutions may develop public or private academies within Schoox’s platform. Experts are also invited to teach online courses and monetize their knowledge.

Are you…

– An independent learner seeking flexible, affordable online courses?

– A motivated individual seeking educational advancement to expand your career opportunities?

– An expert in your field looking to break into the lucrative eLearning arena?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, consider what Schoox has to offer.

Schoox aims to revolutionize and democratize education. Students may select from a wide range of course offerings and knowledge providers, create a personalized curriculum, and strengthen their portfolio of qualifications and skills. Experts, training companies, and traditional educational institutions such as colleges and universities can create public or private academies within Schoox, allowing for more defined communities to develop. 

Over 2,000 diverse free and paid courses are available through Schoox’s public course library. Community members can earn badges and certificates while learning online and be featured on the Schoox leaderboard. See how it works:



Education is the key to building a career and improving the likelihood of financial and personal success. Many equate getting an education with jaw-dropping expense and years of commitment. Schoox works tirelessly to remove these daunting barriers to higher education. The Internet has dramatically shifted how individuals obtain education and bolster their résumés. Schoox users can pick and choose from a variety of affordable online courses taught by experts in their field from across the globe. Students are welcome to learn at their own pace while taking advantage of the flexibility offered by eLearning.

Schoox’s mission is simple: To help individuals gain knowledge, empower themselves, and improve their lives through access to top-notch educational opportunities. Sharpen your skills and sign up for free today!


Helpful Tips for Schoox eLearners:
1) Find and attend courses, Schoox hosts a very large number of online courses on many topics.
Choose a subject or type in a tag to find relevant courses.
Choose your courses and enroll.
– Learn at your own pace and use the discussion boards to collaborate and share your knowledge with others.
2) Create your own curriculum and go deeper into a subject.
– Choose the courses which suit your needs from the best instructors.
Create your own curriculum with the drag and drop feature.
– Track your progress on your personalized curriculum.
3) Organize your eLearning library! Collect material for easy reference; keep your it private or share with others.
Drag and drop our cool bookmarking tool into your browser.
Find an interesting video on YouTube or TED? Click on “Add to Schoox” and save this video to your library.
– Want to share it with your friends or study group? Just click on your content’s “share” link.
4) Build your ePortfolio. Your accomplishments on Schoox will be part of your ePortfolio.
Complete courses and earn online certificates of attendance.
Earn credits and badges based on your accomplishments.
Ask for recommendations from your teachers and mentors.
Use your ePortfolio to promote your skills and apply for a job.