What Do We Know About The iPhone 7?

What Do We Know About The iPhone 7?

The latest installment of Apple’s massively popular iPhone device has been a rumor for a while now. It’s mostly a given that Apple will release further versions of this product, since every year for nearly a decade now the company has revealed a newer, better and sleeker phone. The current platform is the iPhone 6, so we are due for an update – either a newer version of that one or iPhone 7 will be announced at some point this year.

What do we know about it so far?
There are conflicting reports about when we can expect to see the phone actually on the market, but according to The Telegraph, a leaked email from Vodafone indicated that the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 – no one is clear on the exact name of the device – will go on sale in late September¬†and be available for pre-order on Sept. 18. This is in keeping with previous releases, as at least three of the phone’s models were released in September of previous years.

It also looks like this edition of the household object will maintain Apple’s reputation as one of the most popular products. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has asked suppliers to produce between 85 million and 90 million of the new models – a marked increase from last year’s 70 to 80 million. This indicates that Apple is confident this version will out-sell last year’s iPhone 6.

New technologies
The new device is rumored to utilize ForceTouch technology, which is already used in the company’s Apple Watch devices. The basic premise behind it is that you can press more firmly on the screen than you would if you were simply swiping across the device, which according to Macworld contributor Caitlin McGarry unlocks new capabilities. For instance, when using the Workout app on the smartwatch, you can end your exercise tracking by simply using a forceful touch on the screen instead of having to go back through menus. It’s no surprise that Apple is adding this technology to its smartphones – the company touts it as “the most significant new sensing capability since Multi-Touch.”

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