IT Central Station Brings You Unbiased Enterprise Technology Reviews!

IT Central Station Brings You Unbiased Enterprise Technology Reviews!


The Wall Street Journal calls IT Central Station 'The Yelp for Enterprise Technology'. Learn why after the jump!


The idea behind IT Central Station was hatched by Russell Rothstein and Naftali Marcus over a quaint meal in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City. Their central question was—Isn’t there a better way for enterprise professionals to determine which technology solutions to buy? They realized that in the age of social networking, enterprises were still buying technology without the aid of real reviews from their peers.

What started out as scribbled notes on a napkin blossomed into a crowdsourced knowledge platform that aids technology decision makers around the globe to better connect with real users and independent experts who dish out advice without the presence of vendor sway.

While performing deep market research, Rothstein and Marcus connected with technology professionals and discovered a high degree of frustration trying to identify, evaluate, and select the solutions that best met their needs. Many end users of technology spoke of their desire to share their experiences with peers and gain access to trustworthy assessments but lacked a trusted site in which to share knowledge and review relevant material.

The pair took their findings to heart and designed a dynamic community site touting reviews, recommendations, and other expert advice specifically for technology buyers. What began with a Wix prototype and Powerpoint slides is now the fastest growing online platform designed for enterprise technology purchasers.

IT Central Station has expanded into a dynamic, real-time platform that offers user information that is timely, objective, and relevant. It protects privacy in that users can either post anonymously to freely express their views or use their real names to promote their expertise. It enables knowledgeable experts, including real users and independent consultants, to share their expertise in a high quality community of decision makers.

A Community Built on Trust

  • High-quality, professional discussions
  • Triple-validation of all reviewers
  • Zero tolerance for fake reviews
  • Active participation of community managers
  • Community of enterprise professionals

As a result, this insightful community ensures that technology professionals get connected to the right people and can access pertinent information quickly.

Honest Input

Selecting pricey IT solutions is a daunting task, especially when sorting through a virtual maze of vendor marketing and sales materials. Consumers want candid and in-depth reviews from real people and savvy experts. For example, selecting the right Data Visualization tool is just one hurdle technology professionals face.

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