Going Green with Google’s New App, RideWith

Going Green with Google’s New App, RideWith

Google recently announced that they’ve partnered with mapping company Waze to produce a new carpooling service called RideWith. There is currently a test launch of the ride-sharing service taking place exclusively in Israel, but if things go well it could expand globally. This innovative approach to travel could benefit people’s everyday commute and our environment alike.

What it is
This app connects drivers with potential riders traveling on the same route to and from work, such as neighbors with overlapping commutes or co-workers who live in the same neighborhood or town. The drivers will get paid, but the fare is determined on gas estimates and a charge for wear and tear on the vehicle. The app will calculate all of this at the end of the ride, and the driver can either accept or decline the ride or rate. This way, drivers can potentially make a profit given they aren’t extending their resources because it’s on their work route anyway.

How it’s different
The way the app distinguishes itself from popular taxi services like Uber or Lift is that the passengers are limited to a maximum of two rides a day (presumably to and from work). The app is essentially carpooling which can benefit a multitude of people and things.

We know that there are solo riders heading to the same place every day. This adds to heavy rush hour traffic and gas exhaustion. However, one major flaw with carpooling is the process of matching people for it to be equally beneficial. It makes sense to attempt to connect these people. This app could be the technological solution to that very problem. This could potentially decrease travel and fuel costs, traffic and parking. In addition, it could reduce the strain on our environment by taking exhaust-emitting vehicles off the road.

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